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The best 6 places with a panoramic view of Moscow

Moscow is a huge city and doesn’t matter how long you are going to stay the best way to see the whole city is to go see a panoramic view of the city. Whenever I travel I also like to visit the highest towers, buildings and hills because from there I can get really nice view on the city.

So for those who enjoy a good view I have chosen the best 5 places with a panoramic view of Moscow.

The views during the day and the views during the night are very different but absolutely amazing. If you have enough time in the city do consider visiting few of the places to get the better feel of the city. My favorite ones are free of charge but the others are definitely worth visiting too. Please avoid going during the rainy days though.

No.1 Ostankino Tower

Height 337m and 340m above the ground
Price 1000 rub
Location Metro Alekseevskaya or VDNKH. 15 Akademika Koroleva Street, Korpus 2.
Timings Everyday 10AM – 10PM
Book the tickets here
3D Google Map view


Ostankinskaya TV tower is the highest viewing platform in Moscow. It has 2 observation platforms: inside (337m) and outside (340m). From there you can see a 360° view and what is more there you will find a glass floor to make you feel how it is to have Moscow at your feet. Unfortunately the observation desk can’t handle more than 270 people at a time so I suggest you to book the visit online to avoid wasting your time.

Just  few meters below the platform with the panoramic view there is a restaurant. It never stops rotating around the tower so if you go there for a lunch or dinner you will get to see the whole city of Moscow while enjoying a good food.


No.2 Sparrow Hills

Height around 80m above the river level
Price Free
Location Metro Vorobiyevy gory or Universitet. Intersection of ul. Kosygina and pr. Universitetskiy
Timings Everyday 24h
Note it is quite windy there
To be honest it’s my favorite one


A wonderful place in the south of Moscow. From there you can see all the significant sights of the city: Luzhniki, Skyscrapers of Moscow City, the Foreign Ministry and other Stalin skyscrapers, Novy Arbat, the TV towers, the monument to Peter the Great, the towers of Kremlin cathedrals and so on. And if you turn around you will enjoy the beautiful building of Moscow State University.

They say that in 1812 that Napoleon looked at Moscow from this hill.

I like to go there from the Universitet metro station, then I first show around the campus a bit, share funny stories about MSU students (my brother used to study there) then see the panoramic view from the hill and go down to the river. But if you don’t have a guide you might need to prepare your GPS in advance. The way from Vorobyevy gory station is a bit tricky but yet nice because you can follow a river or a park and both are beautiful. BUT avoid going through the park at night time. There is no much light and it makes the forest a scary place (especially for a girl like me). So if you don’t feel comfortable in a dark park ask your GPS to show you the way from/to Universitet metro station rather than Vorobyevy gory.

Anyway it is the most favorite one for me. The view is nice, the walk is enjoyable and at night there are musicians playing and making the place even more atmospheric.


No.3 Central Children’s World

Height 8 storey building
Price Free
Location Metro Lubyanka / Kuznetsky Most. Teatralny Proezd, 5
Timings Everyday 10AM – 9:30PM


Central Children’s world is also known as Detsky Mir or CDM. The whole building is a shopping mall for kids where you can find not only the best Hamley‘s and the tallest Lego statue in the world but also on the top of the building you can find one of the nicest views on the historical center of Moscow.

although the viewpoint is not that high and it gives you only 180 degrees picture consider it is located in the center and the visible part of the city looks good (see the picture above).

This is my second favorite viewpoint in Moscow. First of all it is free of charge, secondly you get a nice view and thirdly you don’t have to go far from the Red Square and the Kremlin (just few blocks away). But also I love the dec

After the reconstruction, the Children’s World drew a lot of attention from the citizens and guests of the capital. Despite the fact that the view from the observation deck is 180 degrees, and considering that it is located in the center, only a part of Moscow is visible, but this does not spoil its impression. You get to see the nearest sights and the towers of the Kremlin, the bell towers of churches and cathedrals, one of “the Stalin sisters” on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Lubyanka Square and the FSB building and of course a beautiful view of the roofs of the nearest buildings.

The mall is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 but the viewpoint is open for entry only till 21:30.


No.4 Imperia Tower of Moscow City Business Center

Height 242m above the ground (58th floor)
Price 500-1000 rub
Location Metro Vystavochnaya or Delovoy Center. 6 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, bldg. 2
Timings Everyday 11AM – 11PM
Book the tickets here (not recommended to book there though)


In the tower “Empire” a viewing platform is equipped on the 58th floor. From its windows you can see the Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin, Arbat, the White House, Luzhniki, Vorobyovy Gory, Ostankino TV Tower. As skyscrapers are occupied by offices and shopping galleries, visiting observation platforms are allowed only as a part of a group.

The price of the ticket might vary on weekdays and weekends, daytime and nighttime. I do suggest you to go straight there and to not book online. First of all the website is in Russian and secondly on the site you might get a better price rather then online (for example I went there for 500 rubles instead of spending 1000 if i booked online).

Whenever you go there don’t forget to cross the river by Bagration Bridge and enjoy the view on the Moscow City Business center from the other bank. It is the best spot for pictures.


No.5 Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Height 40m above the ground
Price for Russian citizens 390 rub, for foreigners – 460 rub
Location Metro Kropotkinskaya. 15 Volkhonka Street.
Timings Everyday 10AM – 4PM


The Cathedral is located close to the Red Square and the Kremlin so you can visit the Square and then come to the viewpoint just following the Moscow river.

Unfortunately you can climb the cathedral only as part of a group. The Moscow Kremlin, Gorky Park, the Crimean bridge, a skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Novy Arbat and Poklonnaya hill are clearly visible from there. And I must say everything looks a bit special from there. I guess the atmosphere of the Cathedral matters, kind of makes everything look more magnificent.


No.6 Floating bridge of Zaryadye park

Height 15m above the river
Price Free
Location Metro Teatralnaya, Okhotnyi ryad, Ploschad Revolutsii.
Timings Everyday 10AM – 10PM


The last but not least. Zaryadye park is a newly opened park in the heart of Moscow really few steps away from the Red Square. The view is amazing, the entrance is free, the park is also very nice. I would have placed this observation platform as a number one if only it wasn’t so much crowded. The park was opened only in September 2017 and there are far too many people visiting it now. All the Moscowites and the foreign tourists are mixed there now but hopefully in few months it will get less crowded. But anyway it is a very lovely one and you have to go there!

The park is still being constructed so they open the entry for visitors only from 10:00 to 21:00 so be sure to come there on time! I missed it few times and had to come back again.


The Best Time to Visit Russia and Moscow

What time of the year is best for visiting Russia?

Moscow Winter VS Moscow Summer – let the fight begin!

I guess you have already heard that Russia is the coldest country in the world, right? Really want to say sorry to you… but you were mistaken all this time. Yes, it gets extremely cold in some parts of my huge country. But to be honest in those areas only few people live. The majority of the cities are located in a pretty warm climate and it the weather gets too cold we don’t go outside. Moscow winter is not too much cold. Because Russian people love to stay warm more than anyone else.

But you have to decide what is the best time to go for yourself. So Let’s get a closer look at each of the seasons.


Wrapped in all white the city is like a pretty Russian girl who gets married also gets dressed up in white gown, wears a lot of sparkling decorations. The winter time is definitely the most special time and a very unique experience. That is why I place winter on the first place.

  • Average temperature from Dec to Feb -10°C
  • The coldest is January down to -25°C
  • What to wear really warm winter jacket, winter boots, winter hat and winter gloves
  • Any holidays or festivals? New Year celebrations, Orthodox Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Defender’s Day

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Winter | Moscow Places Blog

What is good about Moscow winter? First of all it is very beautifully decorated so you will be able to take reaaly good pictures and then post those on Instagram. The Moscow government starts decorating all the city in early December, everything is shining with lights and almost everywhere you will find the main attribute – a Christmas tree. But do not expect any mass celebrations on 25th of December. Most of the Russians are Orthodox Christians and they celebrate Orthodox Christmas on 7th of January. And actually we even call all the decorations “New Year decorations”, “New Year Tree” etc.

And of course during the winter time in Moscow there are tons of activities to do. You can skate almost in any park, even on The Red Square. You can try forest skiing, mountain skiing, snowboarding, sledging, tube sliding and many other fun activities.

Do not be afraid! Winter in Moscow is so much cool!



Most of the tourists visit Moscow during the warm summer period. In the summer it is so diverse: the skyscrapers reflect the bright blue sky, the streets are full of green trees and colorful flowers, people are smiling to each other.

  • Average temperature from Jun to Aug 20°C
  • The warmest is July up to 27°C
  • What to wear whatever you normally wear in summer but just for any case prepare an umbrella and a jacket
  • Any holidays or festivals? Children’s Day, Day of Russia, Navy Day, every week there are different festivals in the parks

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Summer | Moscow Places Blog

Summer in Moscow is probably the best time for visiting. It is my favourite season. When we were kids June, July and August were holidays from school so we could do whatever we wanted. So I guess all of us, Russians I mean, got used to having fun in summer that’s why there are a lot of festivals and most of the people take yearly leave in July or August. Many just roam around the city parks, hiding from sun in the shades of trees, taking free yoga or dance classes. Youth go out with their skateboards, rollers, rent bicycles and enjoy the active lifestyle. Also it is possible to take a ferry ride on the Moscow river and closer to the evening it gets only more romantic. At night a lot of us go to different restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, outdoor cinemas. It is very difficult to resist the Moscow charm and stay inside. 

But unfortunately the last 2 years weather gets very unpredictable. One day it can go up to 30°C and the next day it can go down to 10°C and cold rain. So I suggest you to check the weather forecast before you come. Prepare the right clothes, please. But in any way if you get too hot or too cold you are always welcome to hide in museums, cafes, exhibition complexes.



The autumn in Moscow is actually not the most popular touristic season. But if you plan to come during this time do not get upset! Moscow will please you with golden colors of the fall.

  • Average temperature Sep, Oct, Nov 11°C, 5°C, -1°C
  • Temperature changes significantly be aware
  • What to wear depending on the month prepare different cloths, check the forecast and keep an umbrella
  • Any holidays or festivals? 1st Day of School, Teacher’s Day, Unity Day


The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Autumn | Moscow Places Blog

I want to be honest with you. The sky becomes gray and it often rains. The cold wind makes you want to stay indoors all the time. But still the nature tries to brighten up our life and add some colors. The most colorful time to visit is the end of September or October. Then leaves on the trees change the color and it gets very very beautiful. I promise you if you catch this time you will make a lot of great pictures. We call it Golden Autumn.

But even if you get unlucky with the weather Moscow still has a loooot of things to offer you. Most of tourists prefer visiting museums, theaters, various concerts and exhibitions. If you want to spend your time more actively I suggest you to visit mazes, escape room games, try trampolines parks and other fun activities.

Do not miss a chance to come to Moscow even if you are afraid the weather might be not very pleasant! Moscow is always welcome for guests.



Spring is the time when the nature wakes up after the long winter sleep. Sun becomes brighter, temperature gets warmer, flowers start to bloom and people start to smile at each other. We say it’s the season of falling in love. And no wonder. I think you also might fall in love with the city if you come in spring.

  • Average temperature Mar, Apr, May -1°C, 6°C, 13°C
  • Temperature changes significantly be prepared
  • What to wear prepare good shoes, the snow is melting, keep your feet warm and dry
  • Any holidays or festivals? Women’s Day, Maslenitsa,  Labour’s Day, Victory Day, Easter

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Spring | Moscow Places Blog

The spring time is the time when the snow melts and summer finally wins the fight against winter. We have a holiday to celebrate the end of winter. It is called Maslenitsa. During a whole week we eat a lot of Russian style pancakes, go out, dance and on Sunday burn a winter scarecrow to let it pass away. It sounds funny and maybe creepy but this tradition is hundreds years old. 

Be aware of holidays in spring

After Maslenitsa the weather usually gets warmer and even the people change. You may think I am kidding and people don’t change. But come here during a sunny day in March and you will see so many smiles around that you never get to see that many any other time. 

Also March, 8th is a very important day in Russia. On this day florists sell more flowers than any other day, more than on Valentine’s day or any other day. Russian women are beautiful and they deserve to get a beautiful flower on the Women’s day. So don’t be shocked when you see every single girl on the street holding a tulip or a few of them. 

On May, 9th we have the second main celebration after the New Year celebrations. On this day we celebrate the victory in the World War II. Maybe you don’t know, but Russia has lost tens of millions during the military operations. Everyone here has a relative of few of them who died during the war, everyone knows how our families suffered and basically had no food to eat, our grandparents still remember everything like it was yesterday. So on the Victory Day we not only celebrate but also show how much we cherish what was done and how much we appreciate it. This day is really special I will write a special article about this day later. Do not miss it.

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TOP-11 Moscow Parks to Visit

I have chosen the best 11 Moscow parks to visit and spend a beautiful time for you. Do not miss and choose one that you like the most – cycling, festivals, flowers, panoramic views and many other things are waiting for you!


Gorky Park (The Central Park of Culture and Leisure) – The main one of the Moscow Parks

In my opinion this park could be called the main park of the city. Why? Because of its huge territory, the central location and the amount of people visiting the park daily.  It was founded in 1928 and in 2011 it was totally reconstructed. Now it pleases visitors with modern objects and soft green lawns.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Oktybrskaya or Park Kultuty metro station, Krimsky Val, 9

The Gorky park is a the right choice for everyone! The youth will like a free WiFi, bicycles, skateboards and other rentals; the couples will enjoy spending time near the river, watching a sunset; parents will appreciate colorful playgrounds and a room for mother and child. Everyone can find something for themselves: from yoga classes  to watching movies in a cozy summer cinema, from dance classes to volleyball playground. Gorky Park is also the venue for all kinds of exhibitions, festivals, events for children and adults. During the winter there is one of the biggest skating rinks in the park.


Museon Art Park – A Second Gorky they say

“Museon” is located on the opposite side of Krimsky Val street. And right now some people believe that Gorky and Museon together is a one space sharing the same beauty.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Oktybrskaya or Park Kultuty metro station, Krimsky Val, 2

The Park of Arts was named this way because there is the largest composition of open-air sculptures in Russia. In its territory there are already more than 1000 unique exhibits: from monuments of the socialist realism era to various kinds of contemporary art. But this is not all the attractions of the park. In recent years, “Museon” has become an important cultural site of the city. The park regularly hold many different concerts, festivals, educational projects in the field of art and design. There is a Central House of the Artist, a comfortable summer cinema and other attractions on territory. Be sure to stroll pedestrian Crimean embankment, which looks like a modern park.


Neskuchny Garden – True Russian Nature is Here

Neskuchny garden is located on the right bank of the Moscow River. Today it is also seen as a part of the Gorky Park. This landscape park is one of the oldest in the city and is protected by the state. Its name was received from the Neskuchnoye Estate of  Prince Trubetskoi which is still located in the park.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Leninsky Prospekt metro station, Leninsky Prospect, 30

This park is famous mostly for its location close to the Gorky park. It is a quite place with true nature, lots of trees and squirrels and also ancient architecture. As in every park, there are sports and playgrounds, cafes and even a football field.



Zaryadye Park – 5 Steps Away From The Red Square

The area of this brand new park was opened only in September 2017 and located in the very heart of Moscow – right near the Red Square.

  • Free
  • Open from 10AM to 10PM
  • Teatralnaya, Okhotnyi ryad, Ploschad Revolutsii

The park has 4 zones, each of them represent different parts of Russian landscapes. Above the river there is a floating bridge from where you get to see one of the best panoramic views on Moscow. Other attractions of the park are 5D cinema where you can take a flight above Moscow, few cafes and restaurants, pretty lakes with fishes and old preserved churches. In addition there is still being built a  philharmonic hall, covered with a huge dome and an Ice cage where the temperature will always stay below zero degrees.

When you are on the Red Square do not miss it!


All-Russia Exhibition Center (VDNKh) – The Soviet Style Moscow Park

Park VDNKh – one of the most famous parks in Moscow. This park is one of the sights of the city as it hasn’t changed much since the Soviet era.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • VDNKh metro station, Prospect Mira, 119

The symbol of VDNKh is a fountain with 16 women symbolizing the friendship of the nations of the USSR. Around this fountain there are all the pavilions representing 16 republics. Now inside the pavilions you find various shops, cafes and exhibitions. If you go deep inside the park you will find a rocket Vostok and and an aircraft. What is funny the inside of the aircraft there is actually a photo exhibition. Near the northern entrance you there is a famous sculpture “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”. It is extremely famous among Russians as all the movies by Mosfilm corporation used to start with the picture of this statue. But if you go further inside the park you will reach a very calm area. A lake is there, forest and birds singing. Since the park occupies a large area I suggest you to rent a bicycle.


Sokolniki Park – A Place For A Hunt Or For Leisure?

The park got its name because of the royal falconry, which took place there in the past when there was a dense forest. (Sokol means a falcon.) In 2011 it was significantly transformed: updated lawns, landscaped ponds and picnic areas, restored summer cinema and theater, a large rose garden, sports grounds, bicycle paths and other things.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Sokolniki metro station, Sokolnichesky Val, 1, p. 1

From the main entrance along the alley you can walk to the Sokolniki circle, where 8 alleys form 9 sectors, in each of them you will find trees of the same breed. The park is famous for its rosary, as well as flower decoration. On the territory of the park there are concert halls, a library, amusement zone, dances zone and many many other attractions. In winter the park has a skating rink (a free of charge one) and ski runs. During the warm season you can rent a bicycle.


Tsaritsino Park – A Different World Inside Moscow

Here you can walk for hours, admiring the most beautiful nature and magnificent architecture.

  • Free
  • Open from 6AM to 12AM
  • Tsaritsyno metro station, Dolsky, 1

The most amazing part of the park is the lake with a light and musical fountain. Every evening the fountain starts the show. Lights and music combined make you feel like you are not in Moscow but in a fairy tale. The park is also well equipped for sports lovers and healthy lifestyle. There are volleyball and basketball courts, a tennis court, sports facilities for acrobatics, bodybuilding equipment.

What I personally like about this park is the atmosphere. This place is actually far from the city center but I love going there anyway. Whenever I go there I feel like I left Moscow with all its hectic lifestyle. It is the place where I relax, enjoy myself or a company of my friends and feel kind of different. By the way totally suggested for a date!

Kolomenskoye Park – Combination Of Reserve and Architecture

The Kolomenskoye park is actually a Museum-Reserve. It is a former residence of Russian tsars and one of the most scenic places in Moscow.

  • Free
  • May to September – open from 8AM to 12AM, October to April – from 8AM to 9PM
  • Kolomenskoye metro station, Andropov Ave, 39

 Alike with Tsaritsino park Kolomenskoye park has its own special atmosphere with all the architecture, trees, ponds and even a river bank. The park regularly hosts various folk festivals and different fairs. In summer time you can play with kites or rent a bicycle and ride around the huge area of the park.

I love the view that you get on the city from one of the hills near the river. I love the apple trees alleys and the beautiful churches. It is also a bit far from the city center but yet worth going there. One of my best friends even celebrated her wedding there.


Aptekarsky Garden or Botanical garden of the Moscow State University – The Best Botanical Garden in The World

Aptekar in Russian language means a pharmacist so basically it is a pharmacist’s garden. It was founded in 1706 by Peter The Great for growing medicinal plants for the royal family. But later they moved it from under the walls of the Kremlin to the current location.

  • 300 Rub
  • Open from 10AM to 8PM
  • Prospect Mira metro station, Prospekt Mira, 26

In the botanical garden there are no attractions and noisy crowds of tourists. The area of the garden is not as big as any other park in Moscow. And the entrance is not free. But this exactly what makes this park one of the most comfortable in the city. In the Aptekarsky garden they grow thousands of different plants, flowers and trees. Some of the trees are more than 300 years old. They held different festivals there: flowers festivals, sand and ice sculptures expositions.

For me it is one of the most beautiful parks not only in Moscow but in the world. I have never seen so many different flowers and plants anywhere else. And trust me I am a real park lover. And what is more the staff really takes care about every single tree or plant there, some of the trees have names and stories. I love it there and I think the price is really worth what you get.


Victory Park – A Park That Makes Us Remember The War

The park is located on the Poklonnaya Hill and it has one of the world’s largest memorial complexes dedicated to the World War II. The park was opened for the 50th anniversary of the Victory on May 9, 1995. It is also one of the main venues in the city for holding a variety of mass events.

  • Free
  • 24h
  • Park Pobedy metro station, Brothers Fonchenko, 7

On the main avenue of the park there are with 1418 fountains – exactly as long as the war lasted. Fountains make five water terraces, symbolizing five years of military operations. And in the center of the park there is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. If you are interested in the history of the war do not miss it. The Poklonnaya Hill is a part of the park and from the hill you get one of the best views on the city of Moscow. And I could say this is the best place for watching the fireworks during the mass celebrations. But be aware it gets too crowded then. As in most of the other big parks you can rent a bicycle or rollers there.


Izmailovsky Park – A Mix of a Big Forest and Attractions

Izmaylovsky Park occupies a huge green territory, making up a large part of the Izmailovo district. The park consists of two parts: Izmaylovsky Park of Culture and Rest and the forest park of Izmailovo. First part is full of attractions and restaurants while the second one is like a real forest with pine trees, birch groves, beautiful clearings and ponds.

  • Free
  • 24h
  • Izmaylovskaya, Shosse Entuziastov or Partizanskaya metro stations, Izmaylovsky Park

It is easy to spend there a whole day. A large landscaped area and a lot of various entertainments for children and adults will help you not to get bored. An observation wheel, a boat station, children’s playgrounds, a dance floor, sports grounds, a skate park – all this is only a small part of the possible leisure activities. In the park there are bike paths and a rental services.

I don’t go there often to be honest. But the park is very very close whenever to a souvenir market on Partizanskaya metro station. And whenever the weather is nice and I have enough of free time I stroll through the alleys of the park and enjoy the nature. So if you are going to the souvenir market too and you have enough free time then do go to the park too.

Is It Safe At Night in Moscow?


Is it safe at night in Moscow?

I get this question a lot from my friends. Can I go out at night in Moscow? Is it going to be safe? Should I take any precautions? Or not? 

I guess if you are traveling to Moscow you might be asking the same questions. 

When you are young you love to go out at night, party, have some drinks in local bars, try out dancing in a night club. Or if you are a grown up you want to enjoy the prettiness of the central streets all illuminated with lights and take very nice pictures.

Whatever your reason for staying out at night is you must know if it is safe at night in Moscow.

Is It Safe At Night in Moscow? |


And the answer is….

Yes! Moscow is very very safe. 

That’s the good news, right? 🙂 It is totally okay to walk round the city during the night time. 

But I must ask you to stay in the center of the city. Central parts are the safest.
Most of the cafes, pubs, restaurants, clubs that open at night are located in the central part of the city. So you don’t even need to go anywhere. 
The best locations for night pictures are also located in the city center.
You will not really need to go outside of the center at night.

What can you do in Moscow at night?

Well of course you can just have a pretty nice walk following the streets or having a stroll near the Moscow river. 

But there are few things I would suggest you not to miss:
– Take a ferry ride on the Moscow river – it is very enjoyable, the scenery is beautiful, only thing is be aware of the weather
– Go to Old Arbat street or Kuxnetsky most street
– Listen to some musicians playing outside at night
– Visit one or few bars
– Go dancing to a club
– Get hungry and find a restaurant to eat
– Miss the last metro and try out the night buses
– Visit the Gorky park and see how lively it is 
– Get tired ang go back to sleep 🙂

Is there areas to avoid?

Unfortunately there is some. Please avoid going out at night near rail terminals. Especially around the Komsomolskaya station. There are bums around railway stations and they don’t always behave well. Just please be aware.

And if your hotel is far from the center then take care walking around in a residential area around the hotel. Actually residential areas are usually safe but please just be careful. 

And don’t forget to read my past about How to Get Around In Moscow Without Speaking Russian


5 Essential Apps for Your Moscow Trip

5 Essential Apps for Your Moscow Trip |
When I stayed in Taiwan (and I’ve spent half a year living there) I was struggling to get a food outside as I couldn’t speak Mandarin, I didn’t know how to order a taxi, I was confused using the Taipei MRT… And now when I am back in Moscow I see expats and tourists facing similar problems. So I decided to post a list of essential apps for you. ou can use all of them to make your stay more enjoyable.
Картинки по запросу Google Translate

Google Translate

Android  |  iOS


Key features

  • Voice Translations
    Just press the mic button record your voice and get the translation. To understand the russian buddy just record his voice with the google translate app. Here you go. Now Google makes it possible to have a conversation. Do not expect a perfect translation though. But you will be able to communicate and what’s more important to have fun.
  • Written Translations
    This option is the most easiest one and everybody knows how to use it. Simply choose the language of the original sentence and the language of translation and the type whatever you want to say. The only problem is if you want to know what a Russian says you will have to install a Russian keyboard as well.
  • Camera Instant Translations 
    Reading signs, menus or anything else was never as easy! Open your Google Translate app, press the camera button, point the camera on anything you want to get translated, a street sign for example, and get the translation right there on the screen of your phone.

This app is totally a must have if you are not a Russian speaker (and even if you know basic or intermediate Russian it will be useful anyway). If you don’t have this app installed on your phone make sure to get it before you go to Moscow or any other city in Russia. The application is much more handy than the online translation service.


Картинки по запросу yandex taxi app logoКартинки по запросу gettaxi app logo

Картинки по запросу uber app logo

Yandex Taxi

Android  |  iOS

Get Taxi

Android  |  iOS


Android  |  iOS

Key features

  • Order a taxi to your current location or a specific address
  • Option to get a taxi right now or by specific time
  • Economy, Comfort, Business, Kids and even Van tariffs
  • Payment by card or cash
  • No need to communicate in Russian – all the apps have English interface
  • Real time tracking on the map – see where your driver is

These 3 apps are very similar to each other. I think you must be already familiar with Uber in your country. So guess what? We also have Uber 😀 But to be honest Uber works only in the biggest cities that’s why we have local Taxi Apps too. They all are pretty alike but sometimes they offer you different fares that is the reason why I have all of those on my phone.


Yandex Metro

Android  |  iOS

 Key features

  • Builds the fastest and the most convenient route
  • Tracks your Location with GPS
  • Available in English
  • Yandex Metro is also available in Saint Petersburg

 This app is a must have for all of you who is planning to travel in the Moscow metro. Very convenient to have the Moscow metro map in your pocket. If you are also going to use buses or suburban trains please read my new article about Transportation in Moscow.


Картинки по запросу google maps logo

Картинки по запросу yandex maps logo

Google Maps

Android  |  iOS

Yandex Maps

Android  |  iOS

Key features

  • Building the fastest and the most convenient route
  • Tracking your Location with GPS
  • Available in English
  • Available offline if you pre-download the map
  • Checking the traffic level
  • Finding the nearest ATMs, cafes, restaurants, hotels etc

It is obvious that you will need to use an app for navigation. Google Maps is internationally famous and handy. But in Russia we mostly use Yandex Maps and Yandex Navigator because Yandex knows Russian roads better, all the hidden cameras, some hidden ways and the information about different shops and restaurants is more up-to-date. But in fact both of them are good.


Картинки по запросу tripadvisor app logo


Android  |  iOS

Key features

  • Tracks your Location with GPS
  • Available in English
  • Shows you the closest restaurants with ratings and price marks (you can set a filter)
  • Shows you all the nearest attractions and sights
  • Before going anywhere you can get the price range, the cuisine type, the attraction type, see the reviews and pictures

Probably you have already used the TripAdvisor website or App when travelling around the word or just planning your trip to Moscow. On the TripAdvisor website (or App) you can see reviews of other travelers or locals about different places or sights to get an idea if it is worth going there yourself. I highly recommend to use the App when you are in Moscow and looking for a good place to eat out. It is the best in it. I always check for nearby restaurants with TripAdvisor app whenever I go travelling and I suggest you also do so.


10 Must Visit Points of Interest in Moscow

I moved to Moscow really long time ago and now it is a bit difficult to choose only 10 places in Moscow that are the must to visit.

Everyone knows about the Red Square and the Kremlin but there are plenty of other places worth visiting. There are more than a dozen pleasant pedestrian zones, dozens of ancient temples and monasteries, hundreds of historical buildings, museums and theaters …

I have chosen the top 10 attractions that you can (and have to) visit if you are going to stay just for few days.

1. The Red Square

The Red Square is beyond competition. This is no doubt the main symbol of Moscow.

If you have only one day in Moscow this is where you must be heading to first. If you were in Moscow and didn’t take a picture on the Red Square your time is wasted (just joking :D)

The Red Square is very important in history and politics, in the life of our country there is so much connected with this place. Walk through the square, imagine how the life of Russians has been going on here: all executions, troubles and riots, imagine the time when the square was a market and there were sellers of meet, fish, vegetables and even clothes. Also all the festivals were celebrated on the Red Square, thousands of colorful parades.

And also around the square you will see the attractions included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: beautiful St. Basil’s Cathedral, the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky, the necropolis near the Kremlin wall, Lenin’s mausoleum, the elaborate and spectacular building of the State Historical Museum, similar to the luxurious tower, as well as the Moscow GUM.


2. The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is also called as just Kremlin. It is a fortress in the heart of the city which or several centuries was a grand ducal and royal residence. Today it is the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation, as well as the main socio-political, spiritual and historical-artistic complex of Moscow.

For all Russians, the Moscow Kremlin is truly a national sacred place, a symbol of Russia. Inside the Kremlin you can feel the power and beauty of high walls and towers, the solemnity of churches and chambers, the majesty of palaces and grand buildings. On the territory of the Kremlin you will find the Armory Chamber and the Diamond Fund, the main repositories of Russia’s historical values. And the objects of the World Heritage are the Spassky Tower, the Great Kremlin Palace, as well as the Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon and some others.


3. Poklonnaya Hill

Poklonnaya Hill is located in the western side of Moscow. It has a park full of walking areas (Victory park) and a huge memorial complex (also highly recommend to visit). The memorial complex includes the main Victory Monument, the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War, an exhibition of military equipment and weapons in the open air, which includes an exhibition of military equipment of the Navy and the railway troops. And also the church of St. George the Victorious and a memorial mosque in memory of the fallen Muslim soldiers.
In the evening, fountains and couples are beautifully lit here, and in the afternoon Poklonnaya Hill is a favorite place for skaters and skateboarders, as there are many good asphalt tracks and slopes. Bicycles, scooters or rollers can be rented. And the children adore attractions, stylized during the war era.


4. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior is in the heart of Moscow, next to the metro station “Kropotkinskaya” and very close to the Kremlin. In fact, this is the main temple of Russia.
The Cathedral was built to commemorate the Russian victory over Napoleon but was demolished in 1931 by the Soviet government. Tin the anti-religious campaign in 1931. At this point, they planned to build at least a huge Palace of Soviets but because of the world War II it wasn’t built. Eventually, on the site of the blasted temple was built an open swimming pool “Moscow”, which lasted until 1994 and was known for its unsanitary conditions. The current cathedral was constructed between 1994-2000 and is an exact replica of the original one.

5. Ostankino Tower

Ostankino TV tower is the eighth tallest building in the world and the highest in Europe. If you want to see a panoramic view of Moscow don’t miss it. But do note that the capacity of the two viewing platforms of the TV tower is not much so it is better to book a ticket on the Internet in advance.
From the TV tower it is good to watch the salute, and also they like to make romantic dates, make offers of the hand and heart and even play weddings.
Just below the observation platform there is a restaurant floor. It rotates around the tower so you can see  the view of the whole city while having a dinner or lunch.

6. Moscow Metro

We say if you have been to Moscow but haven’t been to metro you haven’t seen the city.

The moscow metro also known as a metropolitan is an underground subway with a whole system if lines, transfers, stations and of course passengers. It has its own tense rhythm, laws, secrets and legends.
If you are low on budget I suggest you to go down and see the stations yourself. But better go during the day to avoid the rush hours. But if you can afford taking a Moscow Metro tour you will never regret it because there are a lot of hidden stories to hear.

In any case, I highly suggest to visit the oldest metro stations some of them are real masterpieces: Mayakovskaya, Ploschad Revolutsii, Kievskaya, Kropotkinskaya, Kurskaya, Komsomolskaya, Novoslobodskaya and some others if you have time.


7. VDNKh

VDNKh or, in another way, the All-Russia Exhibition Center is actually a huge park with different but yes interesting to see buildings around it. When it was constructed each building represented one of the republics of the Soviet Union and all together it was the biggest expo platform of the country. Even now you still can see the names of ex-republics of USSR on some of the buildings. Also there you will find a famous fountain with golden women. Each of the women there has a typical look of her republic and they are standing there together showing us the friendship of united nationalities.
And near the northern entrance of VDNKh you will see a huge sculpture “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman” well-known among Russians because all the soviet movies by Mosfilm started with it (like 20th century fox starts with a sculpture too).
In addition to all the architecture there is always something to see and do. There are many expositions, a cinema-lecture hall, a green theater, in June-July there are free master classes on yoga, hustle, breakdance in winter there is the biggest skating rink of the world.

8. Tretyakov Gallery

Of course, not all people are great lovers of fine arts. But this art gallery is worth visiting at least for the sake of saying: “I was in the Tretyakov Gallery!” The Tretyakov Gallery is a collection of true masterpieces recognized throughout the world. Every Moscowite has been there at least once and no doubt that there you can find pieces of art that are famous all over the world. Go there and check if you can find anything you know or have seen before.

For those who want to save money on the ticket I will write more detailed how you can get there for free and avoid the lines.

9. Gorky Park

The Gorky Park is an excellent place for walking and various leisure activities. Inside the park you will fin a lot of things to do: a lot of sports zones, food courts, lawns with deckchairs, hammocks and pouffes, bicycle paths, bicycle rental outlets, scooters and rollers, and other sports equipment.
Gorky has always been Moscow’s most visited park since the 1920s, citizens come there to enjoy the time with friends and family, to ride a bike together, to stroll around, to take a boat ride on a lake, to dance on a river bank, to watch sunset… There are three children’s entertainment centers with a mini-zoo and master classes, a business center with Wi-Fi, an outdoor cinema and much more.
Each season the park is decorated in a new way, masterfully using lighting, garlands and other illumination. In the winter, there is a skating rink, in summer there is a beach. This park with almost a century of history has become fantastically lively and interesting after the reconstruction in 2011. It is always different and must visit for sure.

10. The Manor of Kuskovo

If you stay in the city for a week or more I recommend you to visit one of the Moscow manors: Tsaritsyno, Kolomna or Kuskovo. The most visited in recent years is the estate of Kuskovo, which experts call the “Russian Versailles”.
It is very nice to stroll around the park, discover the palace. And also the Dutch and Italian houses, the Great Greenhouse, the Grotto and the magnificent exhibition of porcelain in the American greenhouse! From May to August in Kuskovo there are also concerts of classical music.


Free Moscow Museums!


Moscow Museums For Free! |

Want to visit Moscow Museums for Free?

Every 3rd Sunday of the month, exhibition halls and galleries are free of charge!

Every third Sunday of the month you can visit Moscow museums for free. It applies to all the museums subordinated to the Department of Culture of the city. The list of them you can see below.

More than 90 museums are waiting for their visitors


Moscow Museum of Modern Art
The Museum and Exhibition Center “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”
Museum-panorama “The Battle of Borodino”
Museum of Zelenograd
Museum of Vadim Sidur
Nalbandyan Museum
The State Museum of Defense of Moscow
The State Darwin Museum
Museum and Exhibition Center “Fashion Museum”
Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve
Izmailovo Museum-Reserve
Lefortovo Museum-Reserve
Liublino Museum-Reserve
Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve
Moscow literary museum-center of K.G. Paustovsky
Museum of Naive Art
The State Museum of Ceramics and the “Manor of Kuskovo XVIII century”
Memorial Museum of Astronautics
Memorial House-Museum of Academician S.P. Korolev
Moscow Museum-Estate of Ostankino
Local History Museum “House on the Embankment”
Moscow Museum of Folk Graphics
Museum of M.A.Bulgakov
Museum and memorial complex “History of the T-34 tank”
Moscow State Museum “Burganov’s House”
The Moscow State Picture Gallery of the People’s Artist of the USSR Ilya Glazunov
State Cultural Center-Museum of V.Vysotsky “Vysotsky’s House on Taganka”
The Memorial Museum of A.N.Skryabin
State Museum – humanitarian center “Integrazia” of. N.A.Ostrovsky
The State Biological Museum named after K.A.Timiryazev
The State Museum of V.V.Mayakovsky
Moscow City Museum
Museum of Archeology of Moscow
The Lefortovo Museum of History
Museum English Yard
The Museum of Russian Manor Culture “Homestead of the Golitsyn princes” Vlaherna – Kuzminki “
The Moscow State Picture Gallery of the People’s Artist of the USSR A.Shilov
Museum of V.A.Tropinin and Moscow artists of his time
State Museum of History “Gulag”
The Pushkin State Museum
Memorial apartment of A.S. Pushkin in the Arbat
Memorial apartment of Andrei Bely
Cultural Center “House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva”
Moscow State Museum “Burganov’s House”
The Moscow State Museum of S.A.Esenin
Museum-memorial complex of the history of the Russian Navy
School of watercolors by Sergey Andriyaka

Exhibition halls:

Exhibition Hall “Solyanka VPA”
Gallery “Nagornaya”
Exhibition Hall “New Manezh”
Exhibition Hall “Chekhov’s House”
Exhibition Hall “Central Manege”
Gallery-workshop of Ground “Khodynka”
Exhibition hall “Tushino”
Gallery of the 21st century
Skolkovo gallery-workshop
The Shabolovka Gallery
Gallery-workshop “Varshavka”
Gallery “On Kashirka”
Gallery “Zagorje”
Peresvetov Lane Gallery
Exhibition hall “ART-Izmailovo”
Exhibition Hall “Bogorodskoe”
Electro Museum in Rostokino
Gallery “LOCATION on Timiryazevskaya”

Can’t choose where to go? Check my post 10 Must Visit Points of Interest in Moscow

The Tallest Building in Europe!

The Tallest Real Estate Building in Europe! |

The tallest building in Europe – in Moscow!

The construction of the “Federation Tower” complex in the Moscow International City Business Center “Moscow City” was finally finished.

There are two skyscrapers in the complex – “East” and “West”.
The tower “East” is the tallest building in Europe!
Height – 374 m, 101 floor.

About the Moscow City business center

Moscow International Business Center on Wikipedia

The Moscow City is a new district on Presnenskaya Embankment. The area of it is about 100 hectares and the development area is 60 hectares. Although The Moscow City is an area of business activity you still can find there  apartments and areas for recreation and shopping.

You can see the skyscrapers almost from any point of the city. Whenever you come to Moscow you will definitely get to see it. 


By the way, did you know there is one of the best panoramic views on “Imperia” Tower of the Moscow City? Read more here The best 6 places with a panoramic view of Moscow


How to Get Around In Moscow Without Speaking Russian

People often ask me if they can manage to get around the city when they can’t speak Russian. It is a very frequent question so I decided to write about it.

Do Russians even speak English?

I hope you don’t expect every Russian to be fluent in English. I mean it is a country where people are not required to speak any other language rather than Russian. Most of us have taken English classes in school but as long as we don’t use it in everyday life it is difficult to keep it on a good level.

All the Russians would be able to say simple words like hello, yes, no, thank you and others (trust me even my parents know those haha). Younger ones can speak better English and in fact they would really love to help you, to practice their English and to be able to tell their friends that now they have a foreign friend. But I encourage you to speak very slow so they could understand you.

If you are planning to visit only Moscow you will not find it difficult there (as well as Saint Petersburg). But the further you go the more difficult it is to find someone who speaks English.

How do I use Metro or other types of transportations?

Yes! It is very easy to use Moscow metro now. SInce last few years there are maps in English all around the metro, all the signs are translated, all the announcements are in both Russian and English. What is more every train is equipped with wifi so you can use Google translate’s option of instant camera translation.

In buses, trams and trolleys it will be difficult though but most probably you won’t even need to take them.

If you want to use a taxi I would recommend you to install an app (Yandex taxi, Uber or GETtaxi). Not all the taxi drivers can speak English but all of these apps you can use in English. Just put in th destination and check the location of the car, the number and even a name of the driver on your screen and easily travel around anywhere you need.

How do I navigate?

The easiest you can do is install a Google map on your smartphone and pre-download the map with wifi or use the mobile internet (and it is pretty cheap). I also suggest you to pin with a star or a heart all the places and sights you want to visit and then just follow your GPS. But do remember to charge your phone!

There is a Tourist Information office near to the Red Square although it is a bit difficult to find it but if you do they will provide you with a free English map and different brochures about the city. If you choose to explore the city with a map you should know that not all the signs are translated to English and you might get frustrated at some time. If you get lost don’t worry. Just find somebody young and ask for help. We love helping foreigners.

Should I get a local to show me around?

Having a local guide to show you around is obviously the easiest option!

There are plenty of agencies that offer guided tours in many languages. I really love taking  Free Walking Tour take all my friends to join it. The tour guides are always friendly and welcome to give you as many tips as you need. The same company covers a range of other genres of tours and I suggest you those.

If you are alone and don’t want a tour guide then you might want to try using Tinder or CouchSurfing.


Eating out

Sure you will find menus in English in hotels, cafes or restaurants if you don’t plan to go to some hidden places or to go far away from the center. In most of the places there are stuff who can speak English and it’s not a difficult task to have a good food for a dinner.

Get Google translator prepared

Google Translate App is the best help if you go to the hidden places and can’t find anyone speaking English. Then just use Google. The translation by google is not 100% accurate but it is fast and decent enough for short sentences. If you don’t have the mobile internet then I suggest you to download the English to Russian package in advance.

You can also use the instant photo translation option to read the signs, the labels, the menu or anything else. It requires a good internet connection, working camera, charged phone and a bit of patience (I think I am not the only one who finds this option a bit annoying).

Learn the letters

It will be very useful to learn the Cyrillic alphabet – will help you compare the English-only map with the real environment, will help you navigate in the areas where the signs were not translated yet.

You have to learn only the letters no need to learn speaking Russian in fact, just the alphabet will be enough. Most of the characters are similar to English ones (not like Chinese or Arabic) so you will have to learn only the pronunciation.

Stay close to the Red Square and Tverskaya street and you will have no difficulties. As soon as you want to go farther away it will get more challenging. But if you like new experiences go… and have some fun!

And never let the language keep you from visiting Moscow, it’s a super cool place!

Transfer from VKO airport (Vnukovo Airport)


Transfer from VKO airport (Vnukovo Airport)

The easiest way to get to the city is to use a taxi service.

The best taxi services to use (apps)

Uber, Yandex.Taxi

Pros and cons

+ Very convenient

+ Will take you anywhere you want

+ You can pay by credit card if it is connected to your taxi app

+ 24h

– You might get stuck in traffic (Just check the roads with Google maps, it shows the traffic and approximate time for Uber)

– it is expensive

Approximate price to get to Moscow city center from VKO airport – 1000 rub

Approximate time – 30-50 minutes (when there is a traffic jam up to 1.5 hours)


Get to the city by Aeroexpress train.

There is a direct train from Sheremetyevo International Airport to the city center. You will arrive to Kiyevsky rail terminal.

Pros and cons

+ Very convenient

+ Fast (takes around 30-40 minutes to reach)

+ Good price

+ No traffic

+ You can buy the ticket online prior the departure or in the airport

– The trains depart according to the schedule and it is not very convenient

– No trains from 00:00 to 06:00

Price to get to Moscow city center from VKO airport – 420 rub

Time – 30-40 minutes


The cheapest way to get to the city is go by bus + metro.

If you are trying to spend as less money as you can then this option is for you.

Pros and cons

+ Cheap

+ Buses leave every 15 minutes

– Takes a lot of time. If there is no traffic jams you will reach the metro within 15-25 minutes and then by metro it will take 30-40 minutes to reach the city center.

– You might get stuck in traffic (Check the roads with Google maps whether the traffic is bad or not)

– You have to pay by cash


Approximate price to get to Moscow city center from VKO airport – 110 rub

Approximate time – 1 hour (when there is a traffic jam up to 1.5 hours)


If you want to go to the city center by bus check this post where I give all the tips on taking a bus from Vnukovo International Airport.


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