The best ice cream in Moscow -

The Best Ice Cream in Moscow – Top Places for Summer 2019

Where to eat in Moscow: ice cream

Moscow is getting warmer and warmer every day so I selected places with the most delicious and cool ice cream in the city. I personally love ice-cream and enjoy a lot having one during a sunny day. What could be better than a cold and tasty dessert?

My Gelato -
My Gelato

1. Cafe Gelateria My Gelato (previously called Plombir)

Café My Gelato is a sweet piece of Italy, because here they cook by hand according to the recipes of the Italian master Sergio Dondoli. The menu offers a large selection of desserts: sixty varieties of gelato and sorbets, cocktails, cheesecakes, macaroons and cakes! They also use seasonal fruits, berries, nuts, chocolate, vegetables and spices. That is why the tastes are totally unique and special. For example, in “My Gelato” you can take a chance and try a pumpkin ice cream or a basil ice cream.

How to find:
Kurskaya metro, Atrium Shopping Mall, Zemlyanoy val, 33, 4th floor, to the left of the escalator, next to the CROCS store
Lubyanka metro, GastromarketVokrug Sveta“, Nikolskaya, 10
Dobryninskaya metro, Pyatnitskaya, 73
Voykovskaya metro, METROPOLIS Shopping mall, Leningradskoye Hwy, 16a
Okhotny Ryad metro, Okhotny Ryad Shopping mall, Manezhnaya Sq, 1/2
Tulskaya metro, Danilovsky Market, Mytnaya, 74
Krasnoselskaya metro, Troika Shopping Mall, Verkhnyaya Krasnoselskaya, 3a
• Park Kultury metro, Lva Tolstogo, 18b
CSKA metro, Aviapark Shopping mall, Khodynsky blvrd, 4
Kutuzovskaya metro, President Plaza Business center, Kutuzovsky Ave, 32
Aeroport Metro, Leningradsky Ave, 48
Frunzenskaya metro, Malaya Pirogovskaya, 21
Belorusskaya metro, Aleksandra Nevskogo, 1
• Gorky Park and Muzeon Park

For more information visit the official website

Chaynaya Vysota -
Chaynaya Vysota

2. Chaynaya Vysota Tea House

Chaynaya Vysota” or “Tea Height” was opened more than ten years ago. For all these years the club remains a perfect place for fans of tea and unusual ice cream. In the menu you can find about 250 types of tea of ​​all varieties and also an impressive selection of ice cream. The have ice cream with the taste of cloudberry, marshmallow, cactus, birch sap, banana, green wheat, white kvass and many others. Also in “Chaynaya Vysota” people play chess, watch movies, listen to music and the atmosphere is very nice.

How to find:
Chistie Prudy metro, Pokrovka, 27/1

Official website

Casa Leone -
Casa Leone

3. Cafe Gelateria Casa Leone

Casa Leone doesn’t  add chemical ingredients to their ice cream. It has a huge variety of flavors. From the classical chocolate flavor to very unusual ones. In the café they also serve hot dishes in case if you came with a hungry friend.

How to find:
Kitay Gorod metro, Lubyansky dr, 15/ 2

Official website

La Bottega Siciliana -
La Bottega Siciliana

4. Restaurant La Bottega Siciliana

La Bottega Siciliana is a restaurant of Italian cuisine. For dessert they offer homemade gelato, prepared according to company recipes (the chef also comes from Italy). At Bottega Siciliana guests are offered ice cream from basil, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, tiramisu and many others.  Gelato is available for take away – in a waffle cup.

How to find:
Okhotny Ryad metro, Okhotny Ryad, 2

Official website

Conversation cafe -
Conversation cafe

5. Conversation cafe

Conversation cafe is often full of people during warm days. They offer unusual frozen cheesecakes on a stick, ice cream cakes, complex designs of pies with ice cream, various types of sorbets. And they prepare it right in front of you. In addition the menu has plenty of other tasty desserts. It is better to come hungry!

How to find:
Arbatskaya or Tverskaya metro, Bolshaya Nikitskaya 23/14

33 penguins -
33 Penguins

 6. Chain 33 Penguins

33 Penguins offer a huge selection of desserts made of cream, milk or juice. Some of the flavors they have: cheesecake, chewing gum, watermelon, melon, banana, cherry, pear, maple syrup, grapes, cheese, blueberries … Also, the “Penguins” make really good milkshakes try them out if you don’t fancy having an ice cream.

How to find:
Okhotny Ryad metro, Okhotny Ryad Shopping mall, Manezhnaya Sq, 1/2
Arbatskaya metro, Arbat, 18
The other addresses are a bit away from the city center, so I suggest you to check Google Map

Official website

Gelateria Amore -
Gelateria Amore

7. Gelateria Amore

Every portion of ice cream in Amore is a true work of art. Here you can find Sicilian pistachio, cherries with chocolate, mango, peanuts, tiramisu, Caribbean rum with raisins … The list is endless. They have a special cooking technique: less cream, more milk and fruits, eventually it gives less fat and more flavor.

How to find:
Universitet metro, Vernadskogo Ave, 11/19

Official website

Tim n Tim -
Tim n Tim

8. Tim n Tim Ice Cream

Journalists call Tim & Tim the most fashionable ice cream in Moscow. Why? Because of the black color ice cream that has a unique taste. In last years this black ice cream went viral and everyone wanted to try it. The creators added coal to the recipe: they experimented a lot and made a nice black color ice cream with a very nice (and unusual) taste.  I personally like it. Also in Tim & Tim you can try other flavors.How to find:
Delovoy Tsentr metro, Presnenskaya emb., 10

Official website

Baskin Robbins -
Baskin Robbins

9. Baskin Robbins

A huge network of Baskin Robbins in Moscow and the Moscow region. The first cafe “Baskin Robbins” was opened in 1945 in America. This is not the most amazing ice cream in the world but the quality is good and actually it is tasty.

How to find:
Delovoy Tsentr metro, Presnenskaya emb., 10

Official website

My experience

I am an ice cream lover! I love to have ice cream in summer while walking in a park, I love to have ice cream in winter while watching a romantic movie. My favorite ice cream in the world is in Italy. But these places for ice creams and gelatos in Moscow I highly recommend to go and try!

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  1. As I am a Icecream lover I got good information about Moscow which are the best places to eat icecream
    Thanks Great Job

    1. Ramcharit Tripathi

      I read your article, I loved it very much. I have never gone out of India and have no interest in ice cream too. But it seems that you love ice cream. What else do you do besides this? This is my prayer to my God that you get complete success in your work, you always be healthy and happy.

      1. Thank you very much fot your comment! I hope one day you will come and visit Russia!
        Thanks for the wishes!

  2. I’m visiting Moscow this July and following your blog closely to plan my trip.
    I am fond of ice creams as well and will definitely try some of the ice cream parlors which you have mentioned!
    I even wrote you a thank you note on facebook 🙂
    Keep writing, it’s really helpful!

    1. Thank you Aditya for your feedback!! I am happy that you found my post helpful!! I hope you will enjoy the ice cream in Moscow as much as I do haha

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