Spring in Moscow: Best parks to visit

Spring in Moscow: best parks to visit | Moscowplaces.com

Spring is coming to Moscow. The temperature on the thermometer rises slowly but surely rises. The sun is getting warmer. So, it’s time to go out and take a walk in one of the best parks of Moscow!

Here in Russia we like spending our time in parks, there are always plenty of activities. I personally am a big fan of spending time outside that’s why I have chosen my favorite must visit parks for you!

1. Gorky Park

The first and most popular park that I want to suggest is Gorky Park. Walk along the Moskva River, take a look at the current exposition of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Continue walking to Neskuchny Garden with a noble estate of Neskuchnoye.

2. Muzeon Park

If you wish to spend more time outside, then opposite from Gorky park there is Muzeon park. It is not a very big park, but it is very cozy and there you can also visit one of the buildings of the famous Tretyakov Gallery. You can see interesting exhibitions and performances inside. In the park there is a small photo booth where for a small fee you can get printed photos of yourself with your friends. I suggest you to stroll around Muzeon park and see how beautiful and interesting it is there.

3. Sparrow Hills Park

Beautiful end of winter in Sparrow Hills park! Walking along the river, passing frozen ponds, watching ducks returning to their home. I suggest you to go to the top of Sparrow Hills and to the viewpoint.  You will get a beautiful view of snow-covered Moscow, which is about to meet the spring and on the other hand you will see the majestic building of Moscow State University.

4. Sokolniki

If you are looking for a park with a lot of different activities, then there is another great place in Moscow – Sokolniki park. Due to the large area there are plenty of different playgrounds and attractions, a skate park, a giant trampoline playground, this park is a great place for outdoor activities. When snow melts I recommend you to rent roller skates or a bicycle and go to distant ponds.

5. Krasnaya Presnya Park

Krasnaya Presnya Park is located a bit far from the metro station that’s why for a long time it was not popular. But in the resent years it
has changed a lot. There are different sports grounds, a skate park and a Frisbee ground. Also it has a very nice view on the Moscow City skyscrapers.

6. Bauman Garden

Another small oasis in the jungles of Moscow is the Historical Bauman Garden. Its size is not that big. If you compare the ancient Bauman Garden with its layout nowadays you will see still the same alleys with old trees and the same old grotto.

In addition, there is a special area for dancing parties, a sports ground for playing volleyball and tennis. For children the government has built a large playground with all sorts of climbing slopes and swings. When it is getting warm there is a rental for bikes and roller skates and an open cinema.

7. Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye

Museum-reserve Kolomenskoye has a very spacious territory. You can go there to enjoy a good walk, to see beautiful wild nature, to admire samples of ancient architecture, to pay a visit to the Palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, to ride horses and to take a ferry ride.

In spring, apple trees start blooming there. The fragrance there at that time is just wonderful!

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    1. Officially spring starts on 1st of March and ends on 31st of May 🙂 But in March Moscow is still full of snow while in the end of May the temperature goes up to 25 degrees 🙂 I recommend you to come in the beginning – mid of May. On 9th of May we have massive celebrations of the Victory day which is very very fun! Also the weather is nice and you can go to Saint Petersburg as well 🙂

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