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The Best Time to Visit Russia and Moscow

What time of the year is best for visiting Russia?

Moscow Winter VS Moscow Summer – let the fight begin!

I guess you have already heard that Russia is the coldest country in the world, right? Really want to say sorry to you… but you were mistaken all this time. Yes, it gets extremely cold in some parts of my huge country. But to be honest in those areas only few people live. The majority of the cities are located in a pretty warm climate and it the weather gets too cold we don’t go outside. Moscow winter is not too much cold. Because Russian people love to stay warm more than anyone else.

But you have to decide what is the best time to go for yourself. So Let’s get a closer look at each of the seasons.


Wrapped in all white the city is like a pretty Russian girl who gets married also gets dressed up in white gown, wears a lot of sparkling decorations. The winter time is definitely the most special time and a very unique experience. That is why I place winter on the first place.

  • Average temperature from Dec to Feb -10°C
  • The coldest is January down to -25°C
  • What to wear really warm winter jacket, winter boots, winter hat and winter gloves
  • Any holidays or festivals? New Year celebrations, Orthodox Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Defender’s Day

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Winter | Moscow Places Blog

What is good about Moscow winter? First of all it is very beautifully decorated so you will be able to take reaaly good pictures and then post those on Instagram. The Moscow government starts decorating all the city in early December, everything is shining with lights and almost everywhere you will find the main attribute – a Christmas tree. But do not expect any mass celebrations on 25th of December. Most of the Russians are Orthodox Christians and they celebrate Orthodox Christmas on 7th of January. And actually we even call all the decorations “New Year decorations”, “New Year Tree” etc.

And of course during the winter time in Moscow there are tons of activities to do. You can skate almost in any park, even on The Red Square. You can try forest skiing, mountain skiing, snowboarding, sledging, tube sliding and many other fun activities.

Do not be afraid! Winter in Moscow is so much cool!



Most of the tourists visit Moscow during the warm summer period. In the summer it is so diverse: the skyscrapers reflect the bright blue sky, the streets are full of green trees and colorful flowers, people are smiling to each other.

  • Average temperature from Jun to Aug 20°C
  • The warmest is July up to 27°C
  • What to wear whatever you normally wear in summer but just for any case prepare an umbrella and a jacket
  • Any holidays or festivals? Children’s Day, Day of Russia, Navy Day, every week there are different festivals in the parks

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Summer | Moscow Places Blog

Summer in Moscow is probably the best time for visiting. It is my favourite season. When we were kids June, July and August were holidays from school so we could do whatever we wanted. So I guess all of us, Russians I mean, got used to having fun in summer that’s why there are a lot of festivals and most of the people take yearly leave in July or August. Many just roam around the city parks, hiding from sun in the shades of trees, taking free yoga or dance classes. Youth go out with their skateboards, rollers, rent bicycles and enjoy the active lifestyle. Also it is possible to take a ferry ride on the Moscow river and closer to the evening it gets only more romantic. At night a lot of us go to different restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, outdoor cinemas. It is very difficult to resist the Moscow charm and stay inside. 

But unfortunately the last 2 years weather gets very unpredictable. One day it can go up to 30°C and the next day it can go down to 10°C and cold rain. So I suggest you to check the weather forecast before you come. Prepare the right clothes, please. But in any way if you get too hot or too cold you are always welcome to hide in museums, cafes, exhibition complexes.



The autumn in Moscow is actually not the most popular touristic season. But if you plan to come during this time do not get upset! Moscow will please you with golden colors of the fall.

  • Average temperature Sep, Oct, Nov 11°C, 5°C, -1°C
  • Temperature changes significantly be aware
  • What to wear depending on the month prepare different cloths, check the forecast and keep an umbrella
  • Any holidays or festivals? 1st Day of School, Teacher’s Day, Unity Day


The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Autumn | Moscow Places Blog

I want to be honest with you. The sky becomes gray and it often rains. The cold wind makes you want to stay indoors all the time. But still the nature tries to brighten up our life and add some colors. The most colorful time to visit is the end of September or October. Then leaves on the trees change the color and it gets very very beautiful. I promise you if you catch this time you will make a lot of great pictures. We call it Golden Autumn.

But even if you get unlucky with the weather Moscow still has a loooot of things to offer you. Most of tourists prefer visiting museums, theaters, various concerts and exhibitions. If you want to spend your time more actively I suggest you to visit mazes, escape room games, try trampolines parks and other fun activities.

Do not miss a chance to come to Moscow even if you are afraid the weather might be not very pleasant! Moscow is always welcome for guests.



Spring is the time when the nature wakes up after the long winter sleep. Sun becomes brighter, temperature gets warmer, flowers start to bloom and people start to smile at each other. We say it’s the season of falling in love. And no wonder. I think you also might fall in love with the city if you come in spring.

  • Average temperature Mar, Apr, May -1°C, 6°C, 13°C
  • Temperature changes significantly be prepared
  • What to wear prepare good shoes, the snow is melting, keep your feet warm and dry
  • Any holidays or festivals? Women’s Day, Maslenitsa,  Labour’s Day, Victory Day, Easter

The Best Time To Visit Moscow - Spring | Moscow Places Blog

The spring time is the time when the snow melts and summer finally wins the fight against winter. We have a holiday to celebrate the end of winter. It is called Maslenitsa. During a whole week we eat a lot of Russian style pancakes, go out, dance and on Sunday burn a winter scarecrow to let it pass away. It sounds funny and maybe creepy but this tradition is hundreds years old. 

Be aware of holidays in spring

After Maslenitsa the weather usually gets warmer and even the people change. You may think I am kidding and people don’t change. But come here during a sunny day in March and you will see so many smiles around that you never get to see that many any other time. 

Also March, 8th is a very important day in Russia. On this day florists sell more flowers than any other day, more than on Valentine’s day or any other day. Russian women are beautiful and they deserve to get a beautiful flower on the Women’s day. So don’t be shocked when you see every single girl on the street holding a tulip or a few of them. 

On May, 9th we have the second main celebration after the New Year celebrations. On this day we celebrate the victory in the World War II. Maybe you don’t know, but Russia has lost tens of millions during the military operations. Everyone here has a relative of few of them who died during the war, everyone knows how our families suffered and basically had no food to eat, our grandparents still remember everything like it was yesterday. So on the Victory Day we not only celebrate but also show how much we cherish what was done and how much we appreciate it. This day is really special I will write a special article about this day later. Do not miss it.

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20 thoughts on “The Best Time to Visit Russia and Moscow”

  1. Very well explained and i didnt realize that Russia had so much to offer for Tourists, ill be looking forward to visit Russia soon now,

    1. Hi! Thank you for a good question!
      Moscow is full of flowers all the time from the end of May to September. But there is a Festival of flowers in Moscow which will take place from 28th of June to 7th of July 2019. You can see some pictures of the last year here So if you have a chance to come during these dates! 🙂

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  4. Ismail Ismaili

    Hi guys how are you doing, I’m visiting Russia by the first of Oct. can you guys tell me is it expensive and how is the weather in Oct.

    1. The weather in October in Moscow is around 10 degrees during the day and 2 degrees at night. Other cities in Russia can be different.

  5. I’d like to visit for New Year’s Eve, and be in Red Square for midnight. But are the celebrations better for New Year’s, or better for Orthodox Christmas? If I only had time for one, or the other?

    1. Definetely the New Year! Russians don’t really celebrate the Christmas. But I must tell you that the only way to be in the Red Square for the New Year midnight is to buy a ticket for GUM ice sakting rink.

  6. thank you and very informative , I am plaining to visit end of septmber and i have seen so many autumn fotos. Where did you take these photos. Can you exactly specify the location of those fotos please

    1. Unfortunately these photos were not made by me, so I can’t tell you the exact location 🙂 but actually in autumn, during the fall season you can just go to any park to take some good shots. You can check here my favorites 🙂

  7. Do u think its very cold and difficult for people to visit in November which makes them not enjoying the countries and cant see very well the city ? I mean if i come from the gulf countries and we didnt use to this very cold weather would it be hard to enjoy and unpleasant?

    1. I think it depends on the weather more than the temperature. Wind and rain are the worst things that could spoil the vacation. But in those days you could just prefer indoors activities and it would become better.

    1. The first flowers are called snowdrops. Byt he end of April the weather gets warmer and in dendraparks you will be able to see tens of different flowers on the ground as well as on the trees

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