TOP-11 Moscow Parks to Visit

I have chosen the best 11 Moscow parks to visit and spend a beautiful time for you. Do not miss and choose one that you like the most – cycling, festivals, flowers, panoramic views and many other things are waiting for you!


Gorky Park (The Central Park of Culture and Leisure) – The main one of the Moscow Parks

In my opinion this park could be called the main park of the city. Why? Because of its huge territory, the central location and the amount of people visiting the park daily.  It was founded in 1928 and in 2011 it was totally reconstructed. Now it pleases visitors with modern objects and soft green lawns.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Oktybrskaya or Park Kultuty metro station, Krimsky Val, 9

The Gorky park is a the right choice for everyone! The youth will like a free WiFi, bicycles, skateboards and other rentals; the couples will enjoy spending time near the river, watching a sunset; parents will appreciate colorful playgrounds and a room for mother and child. Everyone can find something for themselves: from yoga classes  to watching movies in a cozy summer cinema, from dance classes to volleyball playground. Gorky Park is also the venue for all kinds of exhibitions, festivals, events for children and adults. During the winter there is one of the biggest skating rinks in the park.


Museon Art Park – A Second Gorky they say

“Museon” is located on the opposite side of Krimsky Val street. And right now some people believe that Gorky and Museon together is a one space sharing the same beauty.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Oktybrskaya or Park Kultuty metro station, Krimsky Val, 2

The Park of Arts was named this way because there is the largest composition of open-air sculptures in Russia. In its territory there are already more than 1000 unique exhibits: from monuments of the socialist realism era to various kinds of contemporary art. But this is not all the attractions of the park. In recent years, “Museon” has become an important cultural site of the city. The park regularly hold many different concerts, festivals, educational projects in the field of art and design. There is a Central House of the Artist, a comfortable summer cinema and other attractions on territory. Be sure to stroll pedestrian Crimean embankment, which looks like a modern park.


Neskuchny Garden – True Russian Nature is Here

Neskuchny garden is located on the right bank of the Moscow River. Today it is also seen as a part of the Gorky Park. This landscape park is one of the oldest in the city and is protected by the state. Its name was received from the Neskuchnoye Estate of  Prince Trubetskoi which is still located in the park.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Leninsky Prospekt metro station, Leninsky Prospect, 30

This park is famous mostly for its location close to the Gorky park. It is a quite place with true nature, lots of trees and squirrels and also ancient architecture. As in every park, there are sports and playgrounds, cafes and even a football field.



Zaryadye Park – 5 Steps Away From The Red Square

The area of this brand new park was opened only in September 2017 and located in the very heart of Moscow – right near the Red Square.

  • Free
  • Open from 10AM to 10PM
  • Teatralnaya, Okhotnyi ryad, Ploschad Revolutsii

The park has 4 zones, each of them represent different parts of Russian landscapes. Above the river there is a floating bridge from where you get to see one of the best panoramic views on Moscow. Other attractions of the park are 5D cinema where you can take a flight above Moscow, few cafes and restaurants, pretty lakes with fishes and old preserved churches. In addition there is still being built a  philharmonic hall, covered with a huge dome and an Ice cage where the temperature will always stay below zero degrees.

When you are on the Red Square do not miss it!


All-Russia Exhibition Center (VDNKh) – The Soviet Style Moscow Park

Park VDNKh – one of the most famous parks in Moscow. This park is one of the sights of the city as it hasn’t changed much since the Soviet era.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • VDNKh metro station, Prospect Mira, 119

The symbol of VDNKh is a fountain with 16 women symbolizing the friendship of the nations of the USSR. Around this fountain there are all the pavilions representing 16 republics. Now inside the pavilions you find various shops, cafes and exhibitions. If you go deep inside the park you will find a rocket Vostok and and an aircraft. What is funny the inside of the aircraft there is actually a photo exhibition. Near the northern entrance you there is a famous sculpture “Worker and Kolkhoz Woman”. It is extremely famous among Russians as all the movies by Mosfilm corporation used to start with the picture of this statue. But if you go further inside the park you will reach a very calm area. A lake is there, forest and birds singing. Since the park occupies a large area I suggest you to rent a bicycle.


Sokolniki Park – A Place For A Hunt Or For Leisure?

The park got its name because of the royal falconry, which took place there in the past when there was a dense forest. (Sokol means a falcon.) In 2011 it was significantly transformed: updated lawns, landscaped ponds and picnic areas, restored summer cinema and theater, a large rose garden, sports grounds, bicycle paths and other things.

  • Free
  • 24h open
  • Sokolniki metro station, Sokolnichesky Val, 1, p. 1

From the main entrance along the alley you can walk to the Sokolniki circle, where 8 alleys form 9 sectors, in each of them you will find trees of the same breed. The park is famous for its rosary, as well as flower decoration. On the territory of the park there are concert halls, a library, amusement zone, dances zone and many many other attractions. In winter the park has a skating rink (a free of charge one) and ski runs. During the warm season you can rent a bicycle.


Tsaritsino Park – A Different World Inside Moscow

Here you can walk for hours, admiring the most beautiful nature and magnificent architecture.

  • Free
  • Open from 6AM to 12AM
  • Tsaritsyno metro station, Dolsky, 1

The most amazing part of the park is the lake with a light and musical fountain. Every evening the fountain starts the show. Lights and music combined make you feel like you are not in Moscow but in a fairy tale. The park is also well equipped for sports lovers and healthy lifestyle. There are volleyball and basketball courts, a tennis court, sports facilities for acrobatics, bodybuilding equipment.

What I personally like about this park is the atmosphere. This place is actually far from the city center but I love going there anyway. Whenever I go there I feel like I left Moscow with all its hectic lifestyle. It is the place where I relax, enjoy myself or a company of my friends and feel kind of different. By the way totally suggested for a date!

Kolomenskoye Park – Combination Of Reserve and Architecture

The Kolomenskoye park is actually a Museum-Reserve. It is a former residence of Russian tsars and one of the most scenic places in Moscow.

  • Free
  • May to September – open from 8AM to 12AM, October to April – from 8AM to 9PM
  • Kolomenskoye metro station, Andropov Ave, 39

 Alike with Tsaritsino park Kolomenskoye park has its own special atmosphere with all the architecture, trees, ponds and even a river bank. The park regularly hosts various folk festivals and different fairs. In summer time you can play with kites or rent a bicycle and ride around the huge area of the park.

I love the view that you get on the city from one of the hills near the river. I love the apple trees alleys and the beautiful churches. It is also a bit far from the city center but yet worth going there. One of my best friends even celebrated her wedding there.


Aptekarsky Garden or Botanical garden of the Moscow State University – The Best Botanical Garden in The World

Aptekar in Russian language means a pharmacist so basically it is a pharmacist’s garden. It was founded in 1706 by Peter The Great for growing medicinal plants for the royal family. But later they moved it from under the walls of the Kremlin to the current location.

  • 300 Rub
  • Open from 10AM to 8PM
  • Prospect Mira metro station, Prospekt Mira, 26

In the botanical garden there are no attractions and noisy crowds of tourists. The area of the garden is not as big as any other park in Moscow. And the entrance is not free. But this exactly what makes this park one of the most comfortable in the city. In the Aptekarsky garden they grow thousands of different plants, flowers and trees. Some of the trees are more than 300 years old. They held different festivals there: flowers festivals, sand and ice sculptures expositions.

For me it is one of the most beautiful parks not only in Moscow but in the world. I have never seen so many different flowers and plants anywhere else. And trust me I am a real park lover. And what is more the staff really takes care about every single tree or plant there, some of the trees have names and stories. I love it there and I think the price is really worth what you get.


Victory Park – A Park That Makes Us Remember The War

The park is located on the Poklonnaya Hill and it has one of the world’s largest memorial complexes dedicated to the World War II. The park was opened for the 50th anniversary of the Victory on May 9, 1995. It is also one of the main venues in the city for holding a variety of mass events.

  • Free
  • 24h
  • Park Pobedy metro station, Brothers Fonchenko, 7

On the main avenue of the park there are with 1418 fountains – exactly as long as the war lasted. Fountains make five water terraces, symbolizing five years of military operations. And in the center of the park there is the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. If you are interested in the history of the war do not miss it. The Poklonnaya Hill is a part of the park and from the hill you get one of the best views on the city of Moscow. And I could say this is the best place for watching the fireworks during the mass celebrations. But be aware it gets too crowded then. As in most of the other big parks you can rent a bicycle or rollers there.


Izmailovsky Park – A Mix of a Big Forest and Attractions

Izmaylovsky Park occupies a huge green territory, making up a large part of the Izmailovo district. The park consists of two parts: Izmaylovsky Park of Culture and Rest and the forest park of Izmailovo. First part is full of attractions and restaurants while the second one is like a real forest with pine trees, birch groves, beautiful clearings and ponds.

  • Free
  • 24h
  • Izmaylovskaya, Shosse Entuziastov or Partizanskaya metro stations, Izmaylovsky Park

It is easy to spend there a whole day. A large landscaped area and a lot of various entertainments for children and adults will help you not to get bored. An observation wheel, a boat station, children’s playgrounds, a dance floor, sports grounds, a skate park – all this is only a small part of the possible leisure activities. In the park there are bike paths and a rental services.

I don’t go there often to be honest. But the park is very very close whenever to a souvenir market on Partizanskaya metro station. And whenever the weather is nice and I have enough of free time I stroll through the alleys of the park and enjoy the nature. So if you are going to the souvenir market too and you have enough free time then do go to the park too.

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