Unusual monuments of Moscow that you must see

Unusual monuments of Moscow that you must see

I want to tell you about few unusual monuments of Moscow. They are very cool, few of them I see very often when I pass by them on my way. When I see them my mood rises up and I would love you to share this feeling with me. I have chosen my favorite unusual monuments for you.

Monument to Yuri Nikulin

Monument to Yuri Nikulin - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

Monument to Yuri Nikulin is a bronze statue dedicated to the most beloved comic and a clown of all time – Yuri Nikulin. He was a joker, the soul of any company – I would say he was Charlie Chaplin of Soviet Union. Really I can’t imagine Soviet cinema without Yuri Nikulin. Moreover he was ruling a circus and known as a clown.

For Muscovites, the monument is something of a talisman. They say that if you rub the nose of a clown, very soon you will surely smile good luck.

Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 13 – in front of the Nikulin Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoi Bulvar

Monument to Shurik and Lida

Monument to Shurik and Lida - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

The favorite monument of all students of Moscow – Monument to Shurik and Lida. It is installed on the square in front of one of the buildings of the Moscow Economics Institute. The sculptural image is a copy of the characters of the famous Soviet movie. The monument repeats the frame when Lida (the girl) reads her book and Shurik (the guy) looks over her shoulder and reads it too. In the movie they both got so much involved in reading that didn’t notice how they spent many hours together. It is a hilarious movie.

st. Artyukhina 6/1

Ducks family monument

Ducks family monument - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

This cute monument of a ducks family is one of my favorites. The official name sounds like “Give way to ducklings!” I really love it! The author of the monument, an American sculptor Nancy Schoen, created it based on an old American fairy tale for children, in which the mother duck seeks refuge for her kids, on the way getting into the most incredible adventures.

But to be honest I love it because it is cute and pictures always come out very nice. Also it is located in a very nice park near Novodevicy convent, both the park and the convent are worth visiting.

Novodevichy passage, 1

Monument to Uncle Styopa

Monument to Uncle Styopa - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

Monument to Uncle Styopa is a monument to the favorite children’s character. It was recreated at the request of traffic police.

Bronze Uncle Styopa is a real giant, his height is more than 3 meters. Initially, they wanted to “dress” him in a Soviet police uniform, but then they decided to give him modern Russian uniform. The sculpture also includes a bronze traffic light and a small bird.

Locksmith lane 1, near the Moscow traffic police department.

Monument to Cat Vasily

Monument to Cat Vasily - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

Monument to Cat Vasily, a funny cute character from the cartoon “Return of the Prodigal Parrot” is waiting for you on Talalikhina Street.

The famous line of the cat is “they feed me quite well here”. And as we can see the sausage we can say yes, they “feed” the cat Vasily really well here. Unfortunately we don’t know the creator of the sculpture but the cat Vasily got into the list of the most unusual monuments not only of Moscow, but also of the whole country.

st. Talalikhina 8

Monument to Dotsent

Monument to Dotsent - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

Another famous movie hero, Dotsent, was installed on Mosfilmovskaya Street – this is a monument to the Associate Professor from “Gentlemen of Fortune”, one of the most beloved roles by soviet public. The sculpture is very realistic: the image is as close as possible to the character of the movie.

Mosfilmovskaya, 8

Monument to Holmes and Watson

Monument to Holmes and Watson - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

The monument to the most famous detective and his friend is located at the British Embassy. The figures are made in real size, the images of Livanov and Solomin, who played Holmes and Watson, were taken as the basis.

The uniqueness of this composition is that today it is the only sculpture in the world where Holmes and Watson are represented together.

Smolenskaya embankment, 10

Monument to Moidodyr

Monument to Moidodyr - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

Moidodyr is a creature from a Russian fairytale where a boy didn’t want to wash so much that some magic happened and a sink became alive. According to the book the sink Moidodyr is “the commander of washbasin and washcloths. Despite the fact that Moidodyr is a commander of the washroom and must be looking strict and serious, this monument looks very cute, the sculptor managed to make him cheerful and perky.

Sokolniki Park

Monument to a Plumber

Monument to a Plumber - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

One of the most unusual monuments of Moscow is a monument to a Plumber. It is located directly on the sidewalk: a man appears from the pavement, from the bronze hatch. Despite the fact that the idea of such a monument is not new (a similar kind of sculpture can be found in Omsk, Krasnoyarsk and a number of other cities), it was loved by locals and tourists who take photos with pleasure with an unusual symbol of the city.

Vernadsky avenue, 94/1

Monument to Bee Kuzya

Monument to Bee Kuzya - Unusual Moscow monuments | Moscowplaces.com

The bee Kuzya lives in Moscow since the summer of 2005. A small composition is made in the form of three columns of hexagon shape, symbolizing the honeycomb. They say that if you rub this small statue, it will surely add “honey” to your life – good luck, money, love.

Kuzminskaya, 10

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