The best 6 places with a panoramic view of Moscow

Moscow is a huge city and doesn’t matter how long you are going to stay the best way to see the whole city is to go see a panoramic view of the city. Whenever I travel I also like to visit the highest towers, buildings and hills because from there I can get really nice view on the city.

So for those who enjoy a good view I have chosen the best 6 places with a panoramic view of Moscow.

The views during the day and the views during the night are very different but absolutely amazing. If you have enough time in the city do consider visiting few of the places to get the better feel of the city. My favorite ones are free of charge but the others are definitely worth visiting too. Please avoid going during the rainy days though.

No.1 Ostankino Tower

Height 337m and 340m above the ground
Price 1000 rub
Location Metro Alekseevskaya or VDNKH. 15 Akademika Koroleva Street, Korpus 2.
Timings Everyday 10AM – 10PM
Book the tickets here
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Ostankinskaya TV tower is the highest viewing platform in Moscow. It has 2 observation platforms: inside (337m) and outside (340m). From there you can see a 360° view and what is more there you will find a glass floor to make you feel how it is to have Moscow at your feet. Unfortunately the observation desk can’t handle more than 270 people at a time so I suggest you to book the visit online to avoid wasting your time.

Just  few meters below the platform with the panoramic view there is a restaurant. It never stops rotating around the tower so if you go there for a lunch or dinner you will get to see the whole city of Moscow while enjoying a good food.

No.2 Sparrow Hills

Height around 80m above the river level
Price Free
Location Metro Vorobiyevy gory or Universitet. Intersection of ul. Kosygina and pr. Universitetskiy
Timings Everyday 24h
Note it is quite windy there
To be honest it’s my favorite one


A wonderful place in the south of Moscow. From there you can see all the significant sights of the city: Luzhniki, Skyscrapers of Moscow City, the Foreign Ministry and other Stalin skyscrapers, Novy Arbat, the TV towers, the monument to Peter the Great, the towers of Kremlin cathedrals and so on. And if you turn around you will enjoy the beautiful building of Moscow State University.

They say that in 1812 that Napoleon looked at Moscow from this hill.

I like to go there from the Universitet metro station, then I first show around the campus a bit, share funny stories about MSU students (my brother used to study there) then see the panoramic view from the hill and go down to the river. But if you don’t have a guide you might need to prepare your GPS in advance. The way from Vorobyevy gory station is a bit tricky but yet nice because you can follow a river or a park and both are beautiful. BUT avoid going through the park at night time. There is no much light and it makes the forest a scary place (especially for a girl like me). So if you don’t feel comfortable in a dark park ask your GPS to show you the way from/to Universitet metro station rather than Vorobyevy gory.

Anyway it is the most favorite one for me. The view is nice, the walk is enjoyable and at night there are musicians playing and making the place even more atmospheric.

No.3 Central Children’s World

Height 8 storey building
Price Free
Location Metro Lubyanka / Kuznetsky Most. Teatralny Proezd, 5
Timings Everyday 10AM – 9:30PM


Central Children’s world is also known as Detsky Mir or CDM. The whole building is a shopping mall for kids where you can find not only the best Hamley‘s and the tallest Lego statue in the world but also on the top of the building you can find one of the nicest views on the historical center of Moscow.

although the viewpoint is not that high and it gives you only 180 degrees picture consider it is located in the center and the visible part of the city looks good (see the picture above).

This is my second favorite viewpoint in Moscow. First of all it is free of charge, secondly you get a nice view and thirdly you don’t have to go far from the Red Square and the Kremlin (just few blocks away). But also I love the dec

After the reconstruction, the Children’s World drew a lot of attention from the citizens and guests of the capital. Despite the fact that the view from the observation deck is 180 degrees, and considering that it is located in the center, only a part of Moscow is visible, but this does not spoil its impression. You get to see the nearest sights and the towers of the Kremlin, the bell towers of churches and cathedrals, one of “the Stalin sisters” on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Lubyanka Square and the FSB building and of course a beautiful view of the roofs of the nearest buildings.

The mall is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00 but the viewpoint is open for entry only till 21:30.

No.4 Imperia Tower of Moscow City Business Center

Height 242m above the ground (58th floor)
Price 500-1000 rub
Location Metro Vystavochnaya or Delovoy Center. 6 Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, bldg. 2
Timings Everyday 11AM – 11PM
Book the tickets here (not recommended to book there though)


In the tower “Empire” a viewing platform is equipped on the 58th floor. From its windows you can see the Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Kremlin, Arbat, the White House, Luzhniki, Vorobyovy Gory, Ostankino TV Tower. As skyscrapers are occupied by offices and shopping galleries, visiting observation platforms are allowed only as a part of a group.

The price of the ticket might vary on weekdays and weekends, daytime and nighttime. I do suggest you to go straight there and to not book online. First of all the website is in Russian and secondly on the site you might get a better price rather then online (for example I went there for 500 rubles instead of spending 1000 if i booked online).

Whenever you go there don’t forget to cross the river by Bagration Bridge and enjoy the view on the Moscow City Business center from the other bank. It is the best spot for pictures.

No.5 Cathedral of Christ the Savior

Height 40m above the ground
Price for Russian citizens 390 rub, for foreigners – 460 rub
Location Metro Kropotkinskaya. 15 Volkhonka Street.
Timings Everyday 10AM – 4PM


The Cathedral is located close to the Red Square and the Kremlin so you can visit the Square and then come to the viewpoint just following the Moscow river.

Unfortunately you can climb the cathedral only as part of a group. The Moscow Kremlin, Gorky Park, the Crimean bridge, a skyscraper on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Novy Arbat and Poklonnaya hill are clearly visible from there. And I must say everything looks a bit special from there. I guess the atmosphere of the Cathedral matters, kind of makes everything look more magnificent.

No.6 Floating bridge of Zaryadye park

Height 15m above the river
Price Free
Location Metro Teatralnaya, Okhotnyi ryad, Ploschad Revolutsii.
Timings Everyday 24h


The last but not least. Zaryadye park is a newly opened park in the heart of Moscow really few steps away from the Red Square. The view is amazing, the entrance is free, the park is also very nice. I would have placed this observation platform as a number one if only it wasn’t so much crowded. The park was opened only in September 2017 and there are far too many people visiting it now. All the Moscowites and the foreign tourists are mixed there now but hopefully in few months it will get less crowded. But anyway it is a very lovely one and you have to go there!

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